The greatest sadness of the family is not poverty, not poverty, but.

/October 2023

what is the most important thing when a family is together?

live in a tall and gorgeous house? Are you living a life of luxury? Do you have a lot of money?

neither. Peace and harmony are more important than anything else for a family to be together.

No matter how big the house is, it is sad to guard the house alone; no matter how much money there is, it is lonely to have no one to share.

the greatest sadness of a family is disharmony and ununity.

Family harmony is the happiest thing

what is home?

Home is the most comfortable and comfortable home in the world, which can protect against wind and rain and heal the soul.

when they encounter difficulties, they immediately form a rope, support and encourage each other, and work together to tide over the difficulties.

Lin Zexu, a famous general in the late Qing Dynasty, was poor from an early age, and his father was a poor scholar.

his father was advised: "it's so difficult, don't let your son study any more." His father just "should not laugh".

in Lin Zexu's memory, he had never seen his father lose his temper and seldom scolded himself.

Mother is gentle and virtuous, knowledgeable and reasonable. As a result, the parents respect each other, the relationship is harmonious, there is no dispute at home, although the hardship, the family is also happy.

Lin Zexu was deeply influenced by his parents. His third son did not study well. Although he was very anxious, he did not scold him, but guided him to develop agriculture.

the family is absolutely different from the outside world, and family harmony is the happiest thing.

Home is full of love, care and understanding, and it is a place for us to save our energy.

Home, a simple and warm place. No matter how poor the family is, it is still beautiful.

with your family, no matter what bitter life you have, you can also produce sweetness.

parents love each other, the family has strength

people with harmonious and loving families are often confident and optimistic, their hearts are wrapped in love, and the world in their eyes is full of sunshine.

Family does not have love, family members often feel that life is boring, do not feel warmth and enthusiasm, character is easy to be sensitive and paranoid, can not find the joy of living.

the most loving environment in a family is that parents love each other.

the love of Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu is the envy of everyone, and their love also benefits their daughter Qian Qianzhong a lot.

once, the two took their daughter to a restaurant for dinner. When Qian Kui saw the next table quarreling, he sighed:

I always think that the child whose parents love is very lucky, so I am very grateful to my parents.

I think I am a very lucky child because you are dear to each other.

although Qian Jiu has had a rough life, both marriages are love and happiness.

Sukhomlinski said:

the strength to build and consolidate a family is love, the loyal and pure love between father and mother, father and child, mother and child.

A husband is like a mountain, a wife is like water, and the children must be kind and kind. Only at home can we laugh and laugh and be happy.

families have love, respect each other, understand each other and help each other, which is bound to coruscate boundless vigor and vitality.

families need forgiveness

Fu Lei said to his son in his family letter, "Don't be arrogant even if you are reasonable, but forgive others if you are reasonable."

people are not saints, they are perfect. No one never makes mistakes, and no one hopes that his own mistakes will be blamed by others wantonly.

under the same roof, tolerance is the recipe for family harmony.

there is a real tragedy in Thailand.

in a convenience store, a 21-year-old man was playing mobile games at the cashier. His father disliked it and shouted, "Why don't you die if you love to play so much?"

then he pulled out a pistol to his son.

many people think that their families are so close that they have no scruples and no choice of words. As everyone knows, vicious words are like sharp knives that cut people's hearts.

the mind under the eaves is the space for love to grow.

to your family, if you don't touch the principle, you might as well give more forgiveness and tolerance.

the most precious thing is the true feelings around you, not the emotions of the moment. It is reasonable to forgive people and not to blame easily, so that there can be more laughter and joy.

the feng shui of a family is built by the whole family.

A happy and harmonious family atmosphere, everything is prosperous.

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after experiencing the vicissitudes of life, we will understand that home is the warmest destination.

when there is home and love, there is expectation in life.

A thousand hectares of fertile land can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha sleep only three feet.

in this life, there is no need for fame or wealth. As long as the family is harmonious, he is the happiest.