The more difficult it is, the more you have to make it on your own.

/October 2023



yesterday my friend told me that she met a girl of the same age in the subway. She was very beautiful, but her eyes were red, and she felt that she could not stop crying immediately.

she said:

"I was going to hand her a tissue, but in the end, I'd better not disturb it. Sometimes, I have to get through it by myself."

it touched my heart to hear my friend say that.

if you also squeeze through the morning and evening rush hour subways and buses, you will find unhappy people in every bus, because the days are not always so smooth.

if you are embarrassed by real life more than once, you will understand that temper and personality are really extravagant and rare in many cases, because we are all slowly being polished and becoming more and more smooth.

Adult collapse is often silent, with sour tears in the eyes, and secretly tell yourself that take a deep breath and everything will be all right.

whether it is the girl who secretly wipes her tears in the subway, or countless people who are also busy for the future.

We are all the same, the more difficult it is, the more we get through it by ourselves.

suddenly remembered a sentence from Chi Zijian:

"out of this door, some people encounter wind and snow, some meet rainbows, some see tigers and wolves, some meet lambs, some tremble in spring, some sing in winter.


Dust clouds always lead to illusions;

sorrow is honey, brewed from the heart.


I don't know if you have found that it is not so easy for us to feel happy when we grow up.

because slowly, there is no one to rely on, so I have no choice but to grit my teeth and rush forward.

I used to be happy all day with a piece of candy, but now I can afford to buy a lot of candy, but I can't find the joy I felt when I was a child.

some things are too easy to have, so they can't give them enough happiness, and some things are too difficult to get, so they feel worried about gain and loss, and the road ahead is bleak.

this world is meant to sweep snow in front of each door, and each has his own life.

some people are anxious and panic in first-and second-tier cities, some are settled in a corner in third-and fourth-tier cities, and some are depressed and hurt because they cannot afford luxury car villas.

some people are surprised and happy to catch up with the specials, some are busy half their lives and gradually accept the ordinary, and some people like duckweed only hope for the simplest security.

I remember a picture I saw before.

the sudden torrential rain, the fruit vendor had nowhere to hide, had to curl up under the trolley and waited for the rain to stop, his figure seemed particularly lonely.

"when people reach a certain age, they have to be that roof, and they can no longer find another place to hide from the rain."

whose life is easy for you?

whose life is a battle that does not know the end, happy and sad are experiences, good and bad are destined to be compulsory courses.

We all want to swallow some grievances, eat some pain, walk through a bleak road, quietly dry our tears, and then move on.

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in the movie "when Happiness knocks", the hero Chris gradually becomes penniless in the era of economic crisis.

his wife chose to leave and the family had no money to pay the rent. Chris was evicted from his apartment and had no choice but to take his son to live in the toilet of the subway station.

when there was a knock on the door, Chris covered his son's ears like a frightened bird, and he burst into tears. Every time I saw this scene, my eyes were sore.

"they all look so happy. Why can't I look happy, too?"

but he never gave up.

he firmly believes that he will get through the dark time and finally embrace happiness, and he also told his son:

"Don't let anyone tell you you can't. If you have a dream, defend it.

people who accomplish nothing want to tell you that you can't do great things, but if you have an ideal, you have to work hard to achieve it. That's it. "

I like such enthusiasm.

even if he is knocked down to the ground ten thousand times by life, he still has the courage to stand up and pat the dirt on his body ten thousand times and continue to fight with a smile.

hard times are inevitable in everyone's life.

maybe life never pleases us, but I hope we are still willing to regard it as an experience, sharpen ourselves in hardship, and never forget to love ourselves.

strive for the life you want, and heal the restless emotions. When you are tired, you stop to rest your feet, get some sleep and wake up, and then continue to chase your own wind.

, be brave, try harder, don't embarrass yourself, and live up to life.

all that can't kill us will only make us stronger.

encourage each other.