The price of anger (wake up after reading)

/October 2023


anger destroys your mood, affects your health, and brings negative energy.

get angry, act irrationally, lose your head, and make the wrong decision.

being angry is harmful.

when a person is angry, he is emotionally disturbed and his ideas are extreme, so it is difficult to calm down and think about problems. In the end, he will usually hurt others and himself.

people who are easy to get angry, do not have a good mood, do not have a good temper, the heart is easy to be grumpy, affect their own health, let people stay away.

anger is the most useless, always angry, need to pay a high price.

Why are you angry

Why are you angry? Why can't you put it down? What can't you figure out?

where is the source of anger?

do you get angry when others mess with you? If someone else is angry with you with a purpose, you want to be angry.

are you angry when others hurt you? If a person doesn't care about you at all, it won't help if you get angry.

Why are you angry? Anger makes you unhappy, anger makes you often angry, anger makes you not in a good mood, slowly life will be shrouded in haze, happiness will be replaced by sadness.

Don't be angry all the time, be patient when something happens, relax your heart, the mood is your own, don't always let those who are not worth it influence you at will.

being angry is the stupidest

being angry doesn't solve any problems. Instead, it makes you feel bad because of negative emotions.

angry, unable to express real thoughts, sometimes there is a misunderstanding, the loss outweighs the gain.

being angry is a foolish act, which is not good for others or yourself.

Don't get angry when you don't move. If the other person really cares about you, the cruel words you say will easily hurt him.

if the other person really doesn't care about you, no matter how angry you are, people won't look at you again. It really doesn't make any sense to be angry, except to find pain for yourself.

Don't be angry all the time. A good mood is not given by others, but raised by yourself. if you break your heart, no one can cure it, but you still have to digest it yourself.

Let yourself be lenient and tolerant, and don't let trifles steal your happiness.

keep happy, talents are healthy

when the heart is small, things are big, heart is big, things are small.

Caigen Tan says:

"the real blessing is actually a person's stillness."

keep your heart quiet, be calm when you encounter anything, and face all problems with a smile. Do not get angry, avoid mistakes, do not get angry, in order to maintain good health.

what can't be solved in this world?

is yours, always yours, not yours, and will go.

those who cherish you do not need to be careful; those who do not cherish you, you waste your breath with him.

Don't get angry all the time, especially those who don't care about you and hurt you deliberately, don't lose your temper with him, you don't have much in common in this life, stay away from him, and let yourself go.

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Don't be angry, don't be angry, don't be negative.

those who are good to you, you double back, and those who don't care about you are not worth your anger.

learn to be calm, learn to be calm, learn to accept all rivers, the less angry you are, the bigger the pattern.

your mindset is good enough, and your life is smooth enough.

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