The real pattern is not to put it down, not to let it go, but to...

/October 2023

the ancients said:

"A true spiritual practitioner does not live in the world."

when people are alive, there is no need to be angry at other people's fault.

because there are all kinds of things in life, things change, and everyone has their own standards of behavior.

respecting the differences of others is our lifelong practice.

the real pattern is to respect other people's differences and tolerate other people's mistakes.

compare your heart to heart and respect differences

Kill a Mockingbird has this sentence:

"unless you put on a person's shoes and walk around like him, you will never really know a person."

everyone is an independent individual, and it is doomed that we always look at the world from our own point of view.

everyone has different experiences and backgrounds, which makes a completely different life.

as Fitzgerald said:

"whenever you want to criticize others, you have to remember that not everyone has conditions like you."

the world is never just what we see, there are many things we can't imagine, so don't judge a person easily.

have seen such a story:

A little boy asked her mother:

"the widow Wang in front of the village is fierce and stingy. Why do other people always associate with her?"

the mother said:

"because there are many mistakes in front of the widow's door, in order to protect her reputation, you have to be a little fierce in order to drive away those who have evil intentions. You have to call her Aunt Wang."

the little boy continued to ask:

"aren't the other aunts afraid of being scolded? It is said that she always takes advantage of her neighbors. "

the mother touched the little boy's head and said:

"Sister Wang's husband died and the only labor force in the family was gone. she was a weak woman and had to take care of two crying children, and the neighbors around her deliberately let her.

later, after you finish your meal, help me give this pumpkin to your Aunt Wang, just say it's the rice you borrowed before. "

there are all kinds of things in the world, although joys and sorrows can not be the same, but feelings can be in harmony.

when others are in trouble, we can choose to be considerate and help.

because I know how to respect, I can think of others and look at things from the point of view of others.

if you judge whether it is good or bad on the basis of your own point of view, it is like a blind man touching an elephant, touching an elephant's leg and talking about an elephant and a pillar.

A person with a pattern can see the essence through the surface of things and know how to understand and respect the differences of others.

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the best relationship is harmonious but different

Russell once said:

"remember that the variety of life is the source of happiness."

everyone's life trajectory is different, and their lifestyles and hobbies are also different.

it's like some people think cilantro smells good, while others think it stinks.

A philosopher once said:

"half of the people in this world are happy, but the other half don't understand."

in the face of other people's hobbies and choices, we should respect other people's choices even if we can't agree with them.

there is a newly married couple, the man is not spicy, but the woman can't eat spicy.

at first, they often quarreled because it was too hot or not.

later, instead of eating together, they ate separately.

once, a woman went back to her mother's house for dinner.

she found a bowl of water in front of her father and put the dishes in it before eating.

Father's taste is getting lighter, and my mother likes to eat salty.

the woman finished her meal without saying a word.

after returning home, the woman fried several dishes according to the man's taste and waited for the man to have dinner together after work.

when eating, the woman also put a bowl of water in front of her, picked up the dishes and placed them in the water.

the man kept on eating without saying anything.

the next day, the woman came back from work to find that the man was

cook in the kitchen, but this time it's not spicy at all.

during the meal, the man put a plate of hot sauce in front of him, picked up the food and dipped it in it.

A lot of people meet and finally go their separate ways because of the small details of life.

only like the couple in the story, they don't have to be absolute and respect each other's habits and hobbies.

Kant once said:

"I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

it is impossible for two people to live together, and the best way to maintain a relationship is to respect and accept each other.

Life is long, and we can't impose our will on others at any time.

people with large patterns who know how to be harmonious but different can be accommodated even if their views are diametrically opposed.

people with large patterns can tolerate everything

Norwegian psychologist Nodesk once put forward the "theory of psychological diffraction".

means: people's attention is limited, at the same time, you focus on one thing, you are bound to ignore other things.

when you think about it, you take it seriously.

when we are in a hurry, we tend to ignore the scenery on the road; when we are in a mood, we tend to ignore the feelings of others.

Yu Qiuyu once said:

"if the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink in the trivialities of life. People who are really confident can always be simple and sonorous and forceful."

people with patterns know how to respect the differences between others and themselves.

A man came to the mountains to find a wise man to solve the problem.

he said:

"A colleague in the company annoys him very much. He is annoyed when he sees him every day. He can't concentrate on his work. He not only automates other people's things, but also gossips. He talks endlessly in the company every day."

the wise man said:

"what would you do if a stone stood in your way?"

the man said:

"I will move the stone away and move on."

the wise man continued, "what if it is a mountain that stands in your way?" Are you moving out, too? "

the man smiled and said:

"I'm not a foolish man. The mountain stops me. I'll just go around, won't I?"

the wise man laughed and said:

"if you understand this, why do you ask me?"

in life, we will meet a lot of annoying people, they are like stones in our way.

if we have to take everything seriously, we will really become foolish men and move away from the mountains.

Zhou Guoping said:

"how a person treats people with different views can better reflect his level of civilization than what he holds."

for people with a large pattern, there is nothing they can't like, and there's no one they can't stand.

because they understand that when they meet people they hate, they can move forward better by changing direction and bypassing them.

A person who cannot be tolerated everywhere has a problem with everything he sees.

A person who can tolerate everything, everything he sees is beautiful.

the mind changes from the situation, and the environment is born from the heart.

when you enlarge the pattern, it is also true for people

put aside your prejudices; if you raise your height, you will be able to let go of other people's imperfections.

look at all things in the world with a tolerant heart, in order to meet the beauty of life.

only when roses and jasmine bloom together can there be a jagged beauty in the world.

there are flowers in spring, months in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter, and the beauty of the four seasons.

people will naturally miss the cold of winter in summer, but they will look forward to the enthusiasm of summer in winter.

We can't let

think that winter is not good because it is too cold, and you should not feel bad about summer because it is too hot.

it is precisely because of the different taste of the four seasons that each has the beauty of the four seasons.


allow yourself to be different from others and make you a maverick; allow others to be different from you, and you will accept all kinds of rivers.

the rest of my life is very expensive. May you and I all be people with patterns, respect each other's differences and please everyone.