The story is very short, but it tells us all our lives!

/October 2023


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Life is a storyteller, and every moment has its own meaning.

Why "have heard a lot of truth, but still can't live a good life"?

in fact, all the great truths in the world are not as good as a story that points directly to the hearts of the people.

because it is never reason, but wisdom, that changes life.

I would like to share with you four short stories today, which are short but philosophical.

A Zen master met a man who didn't like him during his journey.

for several days in a row, the man slandered him in every way.

"if someone gives you a gift and you refuse to accept it, who does it belong to?"

the Zen master smiled and said:

"Yes, if I don't accept your abuse, you are scolding yourself."


what other people say about you is someone else's business.

the only thing that can hurt you is your concern.

when someone taunts you harshly, you hit him back at once.

if someone looks down on you rudely, you immediately despise him contemptuously.

the people you hate can easily turn you into the person you hate the most.

this is the greatest damage the enemy can do to you.

Su Dongpo, a great poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, and Zen master Foyin were good friends.

one day, they sat face to face for meditation.

Su Dongpo asked about Foyin:

"Zen master, what do you think of my meditation?"

Buddha Yin praised: "like a Buddha."

Su Dongpo is very happy. Foyin also asked him, "Maester, what do you think of me?"

when Su Dongpo saw that he was fat, he joked, "like a pile of dung."

after hearing this, Buddha Yin was not angry, but just laughed it off.

when Su Dongpo went home, he proudly told Su Xiaomei that he had won the seal today.

Su Xiaomei said disapprovingly:

"if there is a Buddha in the heart, everything you see is a Buddha; if there is dung in the heart, everything you see becomes dung.


living in the world, everyone is a mirror of each other.

what others think you are, he is what he is.

other people's extreme comments on you, you can not constitute 1/10000 of you, just exposed himself at a glance.

No matter who you are, there will be people who dislike you.

it's not because you haven't done well enough, but because his vision is only that high.

two Zen monks walked on a muddy road and saw a beautiful girl hesitating in front of a shoal. The maiden, dressed in a silk skirt, could not step across the shoal.

so my brother volunteered:

"come on, little girl, I'll carry you!"

after crossing the pond, the elder brother put down the girl and went on his way with his younger brother.

the younger brother followed the elder brother, feeling unhappy all the way, but in silence.

in the evening, after arriving at the temple, he finally couldn't help asking his brother:

"We monks have to keep the precepts and can't get close to women. Why did you carry that woman across the river today?"

brother replied:

"you're talking about that woman! I put her down a long time ago, and you still care about her? "


there are some things that others have faded away, but you are still thinking about them.

as a matter of fact, there is nothing in the world to worry about. All the troubles are imposed on yourself.

there is nothing difficult in life, only people who can't get over it.

No one can set you free if you don't let yourself go.

he who has nothing on his mind is a free man.

in the Tang Dynasty, there were two wise monks: one was Hanshan and the other was pick-up.

Hanshan asked to pick up:

"what if some people in the world slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, humiliate me, and deceive me?"

pick up and say:

"put up with him, let him, avoid him, let him, bear him, respect him, ignore him, and in a few years, you will look at him."


in the face of attacks for no reason,

your indifference is the best counterattack; your transcendence is better than all words of defense.

when you keep going up to the top of the mountains, and then look back, you will find that those who hate you are still there, but now they can only look up at you.

Don't argue, ignore, or explain. Keep the time for yourself and the rest for time.

right or wrong, human feelings are cold and warm, and years will reward you.