The Tokyo Olympic Games officially closed, and the scene secretly took photos: some people became famous in the first world war, while others were saying goodbye.

/October 2023

Today, the 16-day Tokyo Olympic Games ended, and the Chinese delegation ended successfully with 38 gold, 32 silver and 18 bronze medals.

list, and our goal is always to surpass ourselves.

Today, Chinese Olympic athletes have achieved excellent results and have handed in perfect answers.


We try our best to win glory for our country.




proud, worthy of countless praises!

but there is also a group of people who participate in the whole process but receive little attention. Today, my uncle wants to talk to you about them.

saw a hot search two days ago:

"how crazy is the coach after witnessing the players win the championship?"

many people may not be able to imagine.

in the women's 10m air rifle final, when the referee announced that Yang Qian had won the first gold medal, the coach, who had always been steady, jumped directly from his chair excitedly.

after seeing Sun Yiwen seal his opponent, the coach excitedly carried Sun Yiwen and ran throughout the court, as if he had won the championship.

some people think it's just a gold medal. Do you need to be so excited?

in this process, not only the athletes need to train hard, but also the coaches need to bear great pressure.

although they can't play, they also persevere and work hard for the game day after day.

although they are unable to take part in the final award, they are as eager to win as the contestants.

such a group of people who give silently, it is time to return the hot search to them.

Xu Haifeng, who passes through the house three times but does not enter the house

at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the news that Yang Qian won China's first gold medal completely ignited people's passion.

among the many cheers, one video is particularly eye-catching.

an energetic old man wrote down "YYDS" with a brush, congratulated Yang Qian, and then said to the camera:

"Chinese team, God forever."

he is Xu Haifeng, a milestone in the history of Chinese sports.

at the 1984 US Olympic Games, Xu Haifeng won the men's pistol 60-shot slow-firing championship, making China's Olympic gold medal a "zero breakthrough."

but no one can be at the top all the time, and the twilight of a hero is a curse that every athlete can't get rid of.

status forced him to leave his beloved arena.

because of his inner reluctance, he chose to be the coach of the shooting team, passing on his dreams and hopes to the next generation.

and the young generals have lived up to his expectations.

in just one year, his disciple Li Duihong won the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games.

at the Sydney Olympic Games four years later, his disciple Tao Luna won the gold medal again.

because of his excellent work, Xu Haifeng was appointed head coach and deputy head coach of the national shooting women's pistol team.

he becomes busier and busier.

after the daytime training course, continue to have a meeting with the instructor in the evening, and finally have a heart-to-heart talk with the athletes separately.

but there is only one time, so if you pick up the job, you will not be able to accompany your family.

his home is actually less than 500 meters from the training ground and dormitory.

but he seldom went back to sleep, and for the longest time, he didn't even go home for three weeks.

over the past year, Xu Haifeng has been able to spend less than a month with his family.

sometimes, Xu Haifeng leads a team to train or go to a meeting to pass through Anhui, but he passes by the house several times without going in.

has always thought that the so-called "three times without entering the house" is just a legend, but some legends are so sour once they are exposed to reality.

he often laments that he owes his family so much these years, especially his daughter.

the estrangement of his childhood made the relationship between him and his daughter very indifferent, and their relationship did not ease up until he retired.

Yes, there is no perfect balance between the country and the family.

especially in the early days of the Chinese Olympic Games, there is a shortage of people in all aspects, and there is a great need for fresh blood.

you see, this is the Chinese Olympic coach.

they have paid too much for the Chinese Olympic Games.

and there is far more than one such person.

Lang Ping, who has led the Chinese women's volleyball team to the peak three times

when it comes to the Chinese women's volleyball team, it must be no stranger to everyone, and the one tied together with these four words must be "iron hammer" Lang Ping.

she has led the Chinese women's volleyball team to the peak three times and personally created the golden era of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

the first time was 40 years ago.

at that time, Lang Ping was at his peak, leading the Chinese women's volleyball team to sweep all the way, starting the legendary journey of five consecutive championships.

but within a few years, she had no choice but to retire because of injuries.

because she didn't want to cause trouble to the country, she chose to work in the United States.

it has been nine years since she returned to the national team.

at that time, the Chinese team did not pick up the staff, lost the games frequently, and the morale of the team was low..

at the critical moment, the Chinese Volleyball Association sent a call for help to Lang Ping.

and Lang Ping, who received the invitation, has just gained a foothold in the United States.

on the one hand is the result of eight years of hard work and the daughter under the age of three, and on the other is the grim situation of the domestic women's volleyball team.

for a while, it was difficult for her to make a choice.

later, the director of the Ball Department sent her a telex.

one of them is "Lang Ping, the motherland really needs you!" Made her make up her mind completely.

although her goal is not only the silver medal, but the high-intensity work, so that her knees can not hold up completely.

with infinite regret, Lang Ping finally resigned as the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

but fate seems to have played a joke on her.

in 2012, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost one after another in international competitions, and finally ranked fourth after losing to Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

without any hesitation, Lang Ping once again stepped forward to re-shoulder the burden of the women's volleyball coach.

it's like going back to the winter of 1994.

in the same situation, she made the same choice again.

it's hard to imagine what kind of love makes a person so desperate.

later, it is a well-known story:

people have witnessed her victories again and again, but what they can't see is that behind every glory, she is risking her life.

because of her waist injury, she could not stand for a long time. In order to train the team members, she used two waist straps to overcome the pain, one for fixing and one for massaging the waist.

after the waist injury, there is also a leg injury.

every time her leg injury recurred, she insisted on taking medicine and gnashing her teeth. It was not the team member who stayed with her the longest at that time, but the dazzling array of medicine bottles in the medicine cabinet.

some people say that Lang Ping is the creator of the women's volleyball team spirit, but I think she is also the best interpreter of the women's volleyball team spirit.

she used her whole life to set the best example for the girls of the women's volleyball team.

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two days ago, Lang Ping announced the curtain call, saying goodbye to the women's volleyball team with the reluctance of the players and fans.

maybe the ending is not perfect, but Lang Ping's persistence and love prop up the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team, which is our eternal example!

"Fat Man who doesn't know Ball" Liu Guoliang

at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, a netizen left a message online:

"is the fat man behind the Chinese team a leader who doesn't know how to play ball? His face was expressionless and his hands were folded. He seemed to be the only one who didn't know the ball. "

it is this fat man who "doesn't know the ball" who leads the national table tennis team to the top again and again.

he is Liu Guoliang, China's first Grand Slam winner to win the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup singles.

Liu Guoliang once said that it is a Grand Slam to play ball, and to be a coach is also a Grand Slam.

the facts tell us that he did it.

Zhang Jike, who was not favored by anyone, won the table tennis Grand Slam in 445 days under his training.

Ma long, a hexagonal fighter, successfully defended his title at the Tokyo Olympic Games, becoming the world's first men's double slam in table tennis.

Xu Xin won the Australian Open, and the genius was praised by foreign commentators!

but if you take too much honor, the mentality of the team members will easily go wrong.

after Beijing's successful bid for the Olympic Games, table tennis has become the focus of people's attention.

but Ma Lin, the main force of the national table tennis team at that time, had just won the double championship in the Athens Olympic Games, and her state of mind was extremely impetuous.

later, Ma Lin said in an interview that without coach Liu, there would be no championship at the Beijing Olympic Games.

under the careful training of Liu Guoliang, the national table tennis players continue to win one championship after another.

but when winning the championship becomes the norm, people pay less attention to the ball.

in order to make table tennis a national sport, Liu Guoliang began to run frequently to promote it.

he took his team members to do live broadcasts, variety shows and short plays together.

Kungfu lived up to the dedicated people, and with their tireless publicity, the national table tennis team finally became popular.

from Grand Slam winner to Devil coach, from competing in the Olympic Games to promoting the national table tennis team.

this Henan man, who had only table tennis in the first half of his life, has been messing around all the time. A man's most golden years, he is dedicated to the table tennis world.

such people are not remembered by us.

besides them, there are many such coaches in China.

some of them want to continue to give full play to their residual heat and train the next generation after retirement;

some people are unable to play in person because of their own talent, pinning their hopes on young children.

they use their knowledge or experience to help mobilize people little by little to improve their chances of winning.

Why do I have to know more about them?

because he won the first gold medal from 1984 to 20

successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, ranked first in the number of gold medals in the world, and now the excellent results of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the better the better.

behind this splendor, doesn't it depend on one after another people who are willing to devote their lives to the Chinese Olympic Games?

the Olympic athletes who are fighting hard on the field are certainly worthy of our applause, but please don't forget those who pay silently off the field.

, and

go out, let's welcome this group of heroes home with the most burning enthusiasm!