Those who know you are worthy of the rest of your life.

/October 2023

like what Su Cen said very much:

"people who understand you will love you in the way you need. Someone who doesn't understand you will love you in the way he needs. "

Life is long, you and I are on the way.

whenever you feel lonely, you always want someone to show up. You don't need too many words to understand your joys and sorrows, and know that your feelings are short and long.

the so-called good years in the world are not worth a sentence that I understand you, which is enough to make people moved.

if you love someone well, you first learn to "understand" TA

there is a sentence in "if you have never walked, how can you know":

"one person who understands your tears is better than a group of people who understand your smile."

what's it like to be with someone who doesn't understand you?

in fact, the answer is very simple. Even two people feel lonelier than when they are alone.

two days ago, Gavin told me that she broke up with her boyfriend.

Gavin and her boyfriend were college classmates. They accidentally met at a friend's birthday party. They got on well with each other, so they added Wechat to each other.

at first, it was nothing, but as we got along for a long time, the problems were gradually exposed.

her boyfriend often blames her for the little things in her life, but they are nothing but ordinary things in her eyes.

Gavin sits in the office for a long time, and his lumbar vertebrae and shoulder and neck are not very good.

later, practicing yoga with colleagues can not only improve the body, but also relax the state of mind.

but her boyfriend saw it and said, "you are so delicate that you can't stand this pain, and you still think she's a waste of her family."

after dinner, Gavin naturally went to wash the dishes, and when she was finished, she took her boyfriend's hand and wanted to go downstairs for a walk.

but my boyfriend thinks it's troublesome, so he might as well lie at home, play games and watch TV.

Jiawen, too angry to speak, slammed the door and left.

many people say they love you, but they don't make you feel happy or happy, and even do things that break your heart everywhere.

as a saying goes, "those who love you may not necessarily understand you, but those who understand you must love you very much."

there are no identical leaves in the world, and there are no two people who match all the time.

the reason why people who understand you can understand you is not because they have any telepathy.

but he knows that in the emotional world, knowing is always more important and rare than loving you.

he will love you in the way you like and give you enough preference and confidence.

No wonder some people say, good feelings, you always know my heart, know my mind.

in a crowded sea of people, it is probably the luckiest and most gentle appearance of love to meet someone who comes for you.

those who understand you can make you

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the writer Hawthorne was a clerk before he became famous.

one day, he came home and told his wife that he had lost his job.

instead of being angry, his wife comforted him: "then you'll have time to concentrate on your writing!"

Hawthorne nodded.

then, with a worried face, he said, "if I only write and don't work, what about our lives?"

the wife ran into the house and took a sum of money out of the drawer.

"where did the money come from?" Hawthorne asked in surprise.

wife explained:

"I have always believed that you are very talented, and one day you will write a book that I usually save from my family, and I still have enough salary for both of us."

with the encouragement and support of his wife, Hawthorne did not give up writing, but finally wrote the Scarlet letter for many years.

as soon as the book was published, it was widely praised, and Hawthorne became famous and had a chance to stand out.

whenever a reporter asks the person he wants to thank most, he will say:

"the luckiest thing in life is to meet a wife who understands me. Without her, I would not be who I am today."

it is with the support and fulfillment of his wife that Huo Sang has no worries and goes all out to pursue his dream.

you know, mixed with knowing love, it is far more exciting than love itself.

because I know you, I encourage and support you at any time, and I will believe you all the time.

because I know you, I will hold your hand and withstand the storm.

your every decision, every choice, may not be able to empathize, but willing to respect you, understand you.

understand you, not only contains a strong love, but also will give you unparalleled support and affirmation.

makes you more and more confident and motivated to face what is in front of you.

you just need to rush forward without fear, you don't have to change into what anyone expects, and you just have to live the best of yourself.

the greatest happiness in the world is that the person beside you knows you very well.

in the long rest of life, depend on each other, support each other, through a relationship, will eventually achieve your non-mediocre life.

those who understand you can spend the rest of their lives with you

some time ago, Zhang Xinyu, who had been silent for a long time, sprinkled sugar on the program again.

she took part in "Sister through the Wind and waves 2". After being eliminated, she called her husband he Jie.

he JieAfter answering the phone, I heard Zhang Xinyu's sad voice, which reflected that she was eliminated.

opened his mouth and said affectionately, "the child has failed, the child?"

Zhang Xinyu immediately flushed her eyes and replied, "Yes."

, he Jie warmed his heart and comforted: "it's all right, it's already very good. 99 points are short of 1 point. I don't have my lucky halo to give you blessing, so I'm short of one."

"horizontally, you are no match for them, but vertically, you have been reborn." "you have really braved the wind and waves, completely broken, broke the big waves."

then he complained: "you are not such a smart person in the first place, and your body bones are so hard that you can't even split down. All right, you are really satisfied."

after listening to he Jie's alternative comfort, Zhang Xinyu immediately smiled through tears and gradually became happy: "you are really my circle of relatives and friends."

I think Zhang Xinyu must have been moved by his understanding from the moment she decided to marry he Jie.

the world is disturbed one after another, and two people can come together because they believe in love.

but being able to stay together all the time, it depends more on whether we know each other and whether we can understand each other.

understanding is the deepening of mutual understanding, the warming of feelings, and the precipitation of love.

people who really understand you will always keep everything about you in mind and discover their joys and sorrows at the first time.

when others only care about whether you go far or not, he will give you encouragement, worry about whether you are tired, give you a warm hug and warm heart comfort.

and when you laugh, he will share your happiness and happiness arises spontaneously.

when you are with him, you can enjoy his favor and be the carefree child again.

slowly, you will find that it is fate to be with someone who understands you.

it is even happier to spend the rest of his life with him.

people often say: it is better to be favored by ten thousand people than to be understood by one.

with people who understand you, the future will be warm, happy and comfortable.

if you meet such a person around you, please hold on to his (her) hand and don't let go!

, may there be one person who understands your joys and sorrows, knows your cold and warm, and accompanies you to see all the spring, summer, autumn and winter, walking all over the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, looking up gently.

if you love like this, this life is enough.