To think too much is to torture yourself.

/October 2023



as the saying goes: there is nothing in the world.

Don't think too much and ruin your life.

to think too much is to torture yourself

thinking too much is a kind of suffering and torture, a self-directed and self-acting disaster.

my friend Xiao Li, she is so pessimistic that she is so sensitive that she wonders if there is any other meaning in the eyes of others.

when others sent back messages late, she wondered if she had offended the other person.

the leader pointed out the areas where she needed to improve. She felt that the leader did not like herself and deliberately embarrassed herself.

when her friends go out for dinner, she always thinks that others are happy to chat, but she doesn't like to chat with herself.

emotionally, she often doesn't have sense of security, and often asks about her boyfriend's news. When her boyfriend replies slowly or less, she thinks her boyfriend doesn't love her.

for a time, Xiao Li often couldn't sleep well at night. She cried while listening to songs and lamented her misery.

when I get home every day, I have no mood to clean up and do housework, and I have no appetite to eat.

every day, she lives in fear and worry about gains and losses, resulting in a mess of her life, work, and feelings.

A lot of troubles are self-inflicted.

Don't think too much and suffer from wishful thinking.

Don't pretend to be too much in your heart. Wishful thinking will affect you.

entanglement in exchange for only pain, free and easy can be happy and smooth.

worry will only add to your troubles and make your life feel at ease, but you will feel at ease.

people in this world, there will inevitably be some misunderstandings, but this is originally a small matter, it is good to communicate, and people who think too much will magnify this matter, think about it, and make themselves miserable.

Life is short, only a lifetime, happy is also a day, affliction is also a day, why always let oneself fall into the mood of anxiety?

Open your heart, put it into more happiness, be a natural and free person, and live a happy and relaxed life.

think, it's all problems

do it, then you will have the answer

Yang Jiang replied to a young man: "your main problem is that you don't read much and think too much."

and the uncle also wants to say: your problem is not only to think too much, but also to do less.

she was chatting with her junior cousin some time ago. She said that she was very worried recently. She often couldn't sleep and lost a lot of hair.

after asking why, she found out that she had been worrying about looking for a job recently.

because of her stage, many students have either found a job or are ready to take the postgraduate entrance examination or study abroad.

but she doesn't have any plans. She stays idle at home and spends all day browsing her mobile phone and surfing the Internet to read other people's lives.

I asked her if she had thought about looking for a job. She talked about some jobs she liked, but she felt that she had poor qualifications and education, so she was afraid that she would not be able to pass the interview.

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I asked her again, have you finished your resume?

she said, "No, I don't know the format of my resume yet. Besides, I'm so bad, I can't do anything well. "

I said to her, "you have to do it first, finish it first, and then perfect it, otherwise you will always be in the comfort zone and always anxious."

after taking the advice, she began to work hard to find the resume template, watched the video online to learn how to write, finished it in two days, and then delivered it to some companies.

in this process, she also conscientiously exercised her interview ability.

be prepared in the action and strive for it, and the opportunity will come as promised.

think, it's all questions, do it, you can get the answer.

without the idea of action, it can never be realized.

after you have an idea, take action and work hard slowly before you have a chance to succeed.

the author of Lonely Planet once said:

"when you decide to travel, the hardest step has already come out; if you take this step, you will never know how easy your dream will be."

have a good life, please keep that love and go to the next mountain and sea.

live well now, don't worry about the future

Shakespeare once said, "on the clock of time, there are only two words-now."

the most important thing is to live well now.

Don't let tomorrow's you hate yourself that you haven't tried your best today.

once read a story of tennis player Li Na.

it was 2014 and Li Na took part in the Australian tennis tournament.

once she encountered great difficulties in the game, such as high temperature, dysmenorrhea, tiredness, match point of her opponent, and degumming of her sneakers, which made it almost impossible to win.

but Li Na finally withstood great pressure and difficulties and won the game, which made many people cheer and admire it.

someone asked her how she managed to overcome the difficulties and win. She said she just felt like she had to go all out to play ball and didn't think too much about it.

"I don't remember how the ball was played at that time. I just remember that day when the sun hit my arm at one o'clock at noon, as if it was on fire. I kept swinging and hitting the ball back again and again. It was not until I turned on the tap and rushed to the cold water that I came to my senses and found that I had already won. "

after every moment, the road becomes clear.

Don't indulge in fantasies, don't be at a loss about the future, take the road of today, and live the life of the present.

Life is very short, there is no need to worry too much with life, life can not regret, but can turn.

Happiness is to stick to what you should adhere to, give up what you should give up, cherish what you have now, and do not regret what you have decided.

start sowing today, and you can see the results later.

Road, as long as you get through, take a detour if you can't get through.

if you try your best, you will not regret it, and if you try, you will not regret it.

take an open look at life, and life will be gentle to you.

Don't think too much about it and become the main theme of your life.

May yesterday, delete, today, strive, tomorrow, work hard.

, may all the good things come with a good mood!