Two people with families fall in love, please remember "four words"

/October 2023

read Enron calm aloud


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will you meet true love in addition to marriage?

in fact, the answer will not be the same for everyone. For example, I think there is a good chance that it will not.

favorite actor Chen Daoming once said: "Marriage will inevitably run away, but it mainly depends on whether you will put it into action and whether you have self-control."

in this way, there will be some people's answer, yes.

but in any case, two people with families have real feelings for each other, please remember four words:

"read, interpret, stop, cherish."

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read, think about your responsibilities

this idea is a kind of contemplation as an adult.

people always say that feelings can't be controlled. Therefore, a person's heart, in front of his lover, is always emotional.

but each of us doesn't live just for the sake of emotion.

before entering into marriage, you have the right to choose a person you love and hold hands. After marriage, in addition to love, there is more loyalty and responsibility.

people with families should be more rational, think about their partner and think about their children.

responsibility, for people with families, is more important than love and desire.

if you get along with your partner, you are already a stranger. No matter how legitimate the reason is, if you are still a legal couple, you can't forget the responsibility on your shoulders.

and if it's just because you're in love with someone else, what's wrong with your partner and what's wrong with your child.

True love can not extricate itself, regardless of whether it is to be together. Then please, think more about responsibility, properly handle your own family, and bear all your responsibilities.

restore your freedom, how do you want to build it.

explanation, the relief of wrong fate

the most regrettable thing about many feelings is that "the timing is not right".

timing is fate.

there are indeed many people, the purpose of marriage is very simple, is to start a family.

you can be in one place without love, feel good to the eye, and move on to the next step when you are old enough to start a family. For many people, starting a family means finding a suitable person, getting married and having children.

when you have a family, it is a kind of fate to meet someone who moves you again, but it is wrong that you can't keep it together.

it's really predestined that you met long before you got married.

some people, who appear at the wrong time, just come to take a quick look at you. To force to retain, it will eventually be nothing.

there are many things in life that have long been doomed. You can't change it just by working hard and fighting for it.

people who should be together will not appear at the wrong time. If you think about this, you should be relieved.

stop, contact ends here

A song sings like this: "what you can't get is always in a stir, and those who are favored have nothing to fear."

some people seem to be so psychologically.

the more you know what you shouldn't do, the more you want to do it; the more you know what you shouldn't love, the more you want to love.

the pull of sensibility and reason, although reason has the upper hand, no longer have the wrong idea, but still can not be completely disconnected.

some people will think: "can not be together, then be friends, look at each other's life is also good."

both of them have family affection, so it is not appropriate to be friends again.

those who have loved cannot be friends. As long as we can keep in touch, this relationship will never be broken.

No matter whether the other person is good or not, you will want to understand and pay attention to it. If you continue to pay attention, you will continue to move, and you will continue to repeat the same mistakes.

it's like a ticking time bomb, always blowing up their families with a thunder at some point.

if you can't leave everything behind, fall in love cleanly. For you, the best option is "that's it".

Don't see each other again, don't get in touch with each other, it's over.

cherish the difficulty along the way

after I am used to seeing roses, I want to see jasmine. The greedy nature of man is that he will never be satisfied with what he has.

the relationship between two people with a family is like an adventure for you personally, full of freshness and romance.

by contrast, the family you have appears to be dim in front of this relationship. There is neither passion nor love, but it is as insipid as a lake, and the wind does not cause many ripples.

but think calmly, it is not so easy to live an ordinary life.

when you are depressed, your family is your safe haven; when you have a little success, your family is your applause hall.

to this ordinary life, no matter whether there is love between you or not, at least there is affection between you.

along the way, it is not easy and needs to be cherished.

cherishing your family is not only responsible for the person you love, but also responsible for two families.

Don't be greedy and cherish the person next to you.

some people do not want to give up their family, but also want to be in love with each other, neither side is willing to let go.

do you think this is love? No, it's selfish, it's mean.

before talking about love, a person should at least live up to his conscience.