When a man misses someone to the extreme, he will become like this, and he can't hide it.

/October 2023

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as the ancients said, "when I don't see you for a day, I think like crazy."

I think so.

when a person misses a person to the extreme, it is easy to have tea without thinking about the meal, unable to sleep over and over again, and can't sleep at night. I can't wait to see each other right away, and when a man misses someone, he will give full play to this affectionate tenderness.

some people say: "missing reflects not only in behavior, but also in spirit."

therefore, to judge whether a man is really missing a person, not only by what he says with his mouth open, but also by his state from a subtle point of view.

there are three states that show that men really miss you to the bone.

No spirit

there is a saying: "the body is an organ, hiding the most direct and pure password to feel love."

when a man misses a person to the extreme, he will show signs physically and mentally, such as being distracted, eating chewy, distracted like a lost soul, and full of each other's figure.

my cousin and sister-in-law are typical examples.

my cousin and sister-in-law met on a blind date. They have been married for ten years and are still very much in love.

Last year, my cousin's mother needed to go back to her mother's house to take care of her because she was ill. At first, my cousin promised to take good care of himself and let her sister-in-law feel at ease.

but it wasn't long before he started making one phone call a day.

my cousin looks lonely without his sister-in-law's company.

he is alone at home, the tea is not delicious, and the person has no spirit. He has pined away a lot in less than a month, like a green plant that is about to wither.

after two months, my cousin finally came back, and his cousin finally smiled and held his sister-in-law like a child, complaining and coquettish: "I've been gone so long, but I don't know to miss me!"

you see, when a man misses you, he can't hide his thoughts.

No matter how rational a man is, in the face of the suffering of missing, he will become involuntarily and unable to control his mood and spirit.

when I can't see you, I look forward to it, praying for time to go by a little faster; after seeing it, I wish I was bored with each other every day, hoping to walk slowly along the long road.

there is a word in the ancients: "when you get wider and wider, you will not regret it, and you will pining away for Iraq."


when a man is affectionate and misses, he will inevitably become haggard, sad and tortured. He can't see him or forget him. A minute is as long as a century.

so, if a man becomes haggard and lethargic for you, he must take you to heart.

stay up all night

A reader once wrote:

long-distance relationships are really hard. I want to work hard and make good money. I hope that one day I can get rid of long-distance relationships early and never have to suffer from lovesickness. "

Yes, when men really miss someone, they will think that they can't sleep.

every minute of the night, will be used to miss, want to know what the other party did today, want to know whether the other party is happy, worried about each other can not sleep.

Yi Shu said:

"people who miss you never make excuses."

when a man misses you, he will want to see your gentle smile, want to hold you in his arms to accompany you through life, and want to have meals with you for four seasons, rain or shine.

No matter how busy I am, I will find time to make a phone call with you and want to hear your familiar voice, otherwise I won't sleep well.

Zhu Yawen is a "model husband" in show business. He often says that he is only obedient to his wife all his life.

when he fell in love with his wife Wang Jiani, he made a phone call almost every day, sometimes filming too late, worried that she would sleep, could not bear to disturb, and would send a good-night text message.

until this is done, Zhu Yawen can't sleep and can't sleep all night.

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as Zhang Xiaoxian said:

Love is a never-ending yearning for each other, a concern that can never be let go, and a willing bond.

A man who misses you must miss you. Even if he doesn't say it, his body will respond sincerely, giggling at you during the day and thinking about you sleepless at night.

No happiness

Sanmao once said:

"I miss a person so much that I can't bring up anything else, because I am already occupied by this person."

Tang Jia San Shao, a famous novelist, is out of the circle for writing novels.

but he is most famous not only for his novels, but also for his touching love with his wife Muzi.

at the age of 18, Tang Jiasan met Muzi, a 16-year-old man on the Internet, and fell in love at first sight for 20 years.

he said that Muzi is his spiritual muse. For many years, the heroine's archetypes in his novels basically have the shadow of Muzi, for fear that writing about other people's wives will be jealous.

in 2018, Muzi died of illness, and the three young men of the Tang family declared him his wife.

he used to be very happy to write a novel, but it always ranks behind his wife.

from then on, there are only extreme thoughts left in his life.

I often hear people say, "Love is too bitter and makes people suffer a lot."

in fact, what suffers is not love, but the feeling of missing.

when a man misses someone, his mood goes up and down like a roller coaster.

I couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth when she was well, and I frowned and felt deeply uneasy when I thought that she was not doing well.

A heart is cared about by her from morning till night, the food is tasteless, fidgeting, and can not find the meaning of happiness.

so, you see, when a man misses a person to the extreme, his happiness decreases a little, and he smiles only when he sees the person he misses in his mind.

Freud said:

"only those who really care about you will suffer emotionally for you."

when missing to the extreme, people's body, mood, language will change.

the man who loves you is willing to taste Acacia for you and pray for the day of meeting like a child, while the man who doesn't love you doesn't have much concern even if he hasn't seen him for a long time.

therefore, if a man is willing to bear the torture of missing you, he must put you in the most important place in his heart.

when you encounter such love, stop self-doubt and boldly go on hand in hand.

it is hard to find a lover in the world. May you meet the man who is willing to think of you and look forward to seeing you. From then on, the mountains and rivers are far and wide, the world is fireworks, all is you, all is you.

, good night.