When you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.

/October 2023

broadcast Liu Chunlang

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there is a Buddhist saying: "Love, hate, greed and anger are all cages."

the reason why many people live a tired life is that they take everything too seriously to let go of their obsession, and eventually trap themselves in the same place or carry heavy loads, making them physically and mentally exhausted.

people live a lifetime, let go of what should be put, and forget what should be forgotten. Only if you look down on everything, you will not be tired when you live.

be bearish on people's hearts

in the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui", there is a plot that is very heartbreaking.

many years ago, Yu Huanshui lent all the 130000 yuan left to him by his mother before her death to his good brother Lu Fumeng.

now Lu Fumeng has already driven a luxury car to live in a good house, but Yu Huanshui is strapped for money. In order to buy a car for his wife, he asks Lu Fumeng to pay back the money.

at first, Lu Fu said yes, but when Yu Huanshui happily took his wife to choose the car to pay the bill, he could not be contacted.

Lu Fu Meng Ming had been in China all the time, but he tricked Yu Huanshui into going to Africa. Later, he simply refused to reply and went missing.

until more than a month later, Yu Huanshui ran into Lu Fumeng in the street. He humbly asked for the debt again, but he did not expect the other party to say:

"this money means nothing to me. I can give it to you every minute, but it depends on my mood."

it was not until now that Yu Huanshui realized that his good brother, who had been treating him with all his heart, took him for a fool at all.

Yu Huanshui, who was extremely cold, squatted in the street and cried loudly.

as the saying goes, "the world is cold and the human heart is unfathomable."

never take others too seriously and hurt yourself too much.

my cousin was deliberately set up by her best friend and took the blame.

she was sad for a long time, and then she realized that human nature has a selfish side and can't stand a closer look.

instead of being sad, it is better to look down on others and let go of yourself.

as the saying goes: the first heart is difficult to keep, but the heart is changeable.

whether it's a friend or a lover, never overestimate a relationship, or you'll end up hurting yourself.

only when you look down on the hearts of the people and focus on yourself, life is easy to be happy and at ease.

look down on the gains and losses

writer Yi Shu once said: "there are gains and losses, is life, do not be resentful."

in an episode of the Swordsman, Han Juan, Tong Xiangyu's childhood playmate, suddenly came to the inn.

I hadn't seen her for many years, but Tong Xiangyu was very excited when she met her friends overnight, but the two started a competition without talking for a few minutes.

in the past, the two people's families were neck and neck, but now Tong Xiangyu feels that Han Juan is stronger than herself everywhere, so Tong Xiangyu is very depressed.

when Bai Zhantang saw this, he asked her if she thought life was hard now.

Tong Xiangyu says that she doesn't feel bitter, but she just feels tired.

hearing this, Bai Zhantang said, "then go back and be your lady now. I'm sure you won't be tired."

but Tong Xiangyu didn't want to go back. "it's so bitter," she said. "there's no freedom at all."

Bai Zhantang replied, "Xiangyu, life is like this. Bitter or tired, you have to choose the same thing. You can't leave all the good things to yourself."

Life is actually a process of having and losing at the same time. No one's life is perfect, and you can never have both.

I have a college classmate, Xiaowen, whose grades have always been among the best in our department.

when he was about to graduate, Xiaowen was admitted as a graduate student. But unexpectedly, she turned down this opportunity that was the envy of others, and resolutely chose to work in society.

at that time, none of us understood why, and we didn't hear Xiaowen mention it until a few years later when we had a classmate reunion.

it turned out that Xiaowen was a single family, and for many years she relied on her mother's hard work to support her to go to school. at that time, her mother was not in good health, so it was difficult for her to continue her graduate studies for three years.

Xiaowen said that she needed more money to support her family than she did at school, and she didn't want her mother to suffer any more. She understands the truth that "you have to give up", and even if you have another chance, she will still make the same choice.

Xiaowen is now a director in a listed company with a high income. With her own ability, she has been able to give her mother a stable and happy life.

most of the time, it is lucky to get, but not necessarily unfortunate to lose.

as the saying goes, "sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time."

only when you look down on gains and losses and go with fate, can life be easy and happy.

be bearish on the past

Are you dizzy in searching for the sturdy, exquisite and sexy party white dresses now? There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

I have seen a story:

"A person's greatest pain is to cling to the past, while the greatest happiness is to be bearish on the past."

in the movie Angel loves Beauty, the heroine loves a beautiful landlord and is a middle-aged woman whose husband has died for many years.

over the years, the landlady has been bitter about her husband's affair and lives in self-pity all day long.

when she was betrayed, she couldn't let go of the hurt she had suffered, immersed in sadness day after day, and gradually lost her enthusiasm and confidence in life.

later, with the help of Ai Mei, the landlady finally let go of her resentment against her husband. Open the heart knot for many years, look down on the past of her, once again rekindled the hope of life.

there was a neighbor, Uncle Zhang, earlier.He went south to do business in 2000 and was very successful later.

Uncle Zhang has changed since then.

either groan all day long or drink and sleep at home.

every once in a while, he tugged at each other about his scenery, and then fell into pain and remorse.

his family tried to cheer him up, but to no avail.

until one day, the hospital suddenly called and said that Aunt Zhang was hurt.

it turned out that in order to support her family, Aunt Zhang had to work three part-time jobs a day. That day, she was accidentally hit by an electric car on her way to her second job.

looking at his wife lying in the hospital bed, Uncle Zhang burst into tears at that moment.

from then on, instead of indulging in past glory and suffering from past failures, he finally refaced his life, found a job and worked hard with his wife to live a good life.

writer Liu Tongzeng said:

Let bygones be bygones, and let go of those who can't let go. Only by turning over one page can we write another page. Only in this way can we slowly turn human life into a book. Only when things change and read again, can we have the flowers of the past and the warmth of memories as before.

those who indulge in the past cannot live well in the present; those who are obsessed with regrets cannot see the future.

only when we look down on the past and cherish the present, can life be easy and complete.

writer Mo Yan once said: "there are four things in life: to come is accidental, to go is inevitable, to take it for granted, and to let nature take its course."

in our life, we will encounter many things that human beings cannot predict and control, and the best way to face them is to let nature take its course and look down on everything.

learn to look down on the hearts of the people, not to overestimate their feelings, and to gather and disperse.

learn to look down on gains and losses, don't ask for perfection, go or stay at will;

learn to look down on the past, not indulge in pain, and live as you please.

when you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.

as Feng Zikai said, "if you look down on the vicissitudes of the world, you will be safe and sound."

May you and I both learn to be bearish and live a safe and happy life for the rest of my life.

encourage each other.