When you reach middle age, you don't go to three relatives, don't compare three things, and don't drink three drinks.

/April 2023


Liang Shiqiu said:

"the beauty of middle age is to know life and yourself well, so as to do what you can do and enjoy what you can enjoy."

when people reach middle age, they have seen the breadth of heaven and earth, experienced the splendor of mountains and rivers, personally experienced the warmth and warmth of human feelings, the wisdom of life is gradually full, and their understanding of themselves is becoming clearer and clearer.

so he knows his destiny, understands human feelings, knows right and wrong, and knows what to do and what not to do.

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Don't drink three drinks

Don't get drunk

the ancients said: although wine is pleasant, it is also harmful to health.

before opening a bottle, many people think that it is pleasant to have a drink, but it is always harmful to the body.

get very drunk and hurt your body; some people change their temperament greatly when they are drunk, and they talk freely and move their hands and feet, which is really inappropriate.

in order to keep sober and self-disciplined and to live a peaceful and long life, teenagers do not try wine, do not drink in middle age, and do not drink in their twilight years.

Don't drink disrespectful wine

many people always think that their face is bigger than heaven and wider than the earth, and that they cannot make a toast, so they persuade or even force them to drink.

Confucius said: "good for good, straight for evil."

people respect me, I should respect others. Those who cherish me, I cherish; those who despise me, I am cold.

those who despise you, those who deliberately offend you, satirize those who criticize you, do not drink with him. If you want to have backbone in your life, there is no need for a cold face and a hot ass.

Don't drink nameless wine

drink to have a name, you ask others to do things, relatives and friends visit, classmate reunion, some occasions will inevitably push the cup for a change.

Don't be too deep in friendship, and don't drink wine when you are in love.

if someone asks you to go to a wine bureau that has nothing to do with you, you must know how to refuse.

A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall. People who are not familiar with people who deliberately persuade and pour you wine, try not to drink.

No three parents

Don't leave ungrateful relatives

the vast sea of people, wolves on both sides, no matter how kind-hearted, also need to have rational light.

there is a kind of relative, you helped him ninety-nine times, he does not remember, the 100th time did not help him or did not do well, he can hold a grudge.

when you reach middle age, open your eyes and know others. All over the world, warm snakes, do not feed mature wolves, do not exchange true feelings and money for chills.

non-snobbish pro

there is a kind of relative who flatters you and flatters you when you are beautiful; when you are down, he looks down on you, keeps away from you, and steps on you.

they hold the title of relatives, but they don't talk about family affection, and they only see interests.

if there is hot soup, they want a piece of the soup, and when you are down, they pour a pot of cold water into it and teach you to recognize the warmth and coolness of human feelings.

stay away from snobbish relatives and make your life less smoky and more human and conscientious.

I can't see you, my dear.

there is a kind of relatives, they would rather see outsiders good, non-relatives succeed, they envy and worship; people around them slightly surpass themselves, they envy and hate.

this kind of relative is not poor, but poor at heart.

the higher the level of people, the more they will appreciate each other and achieve each other; only narrow-minded people will hate the success of others and dismantle others.

when you reach middle age, it is very wise to stay away from your good relatives and be close to those who are willing to fulfill you.

not compared to the three things

No more than children

there is a hurtful comparison called "you look at other people's children, how promising they are" and "look at yourself, you can't even compare with half of others."

heard a saying: "I love you just because you are my child, it has nothing to do with what kind of child you are."

I agree with you. Children are our works and are unique.

whether a child is successful or not is not the most important thing. A child's safety, health and happiness are the success of being a parent.

not compared to the house

people who keep up with the comparison will not be the winner, because there will always be someone better than you. The house is used to live, no matter big or small, is its own nest.

the most important thing is warmth, which can shield the family from the wind and rain and bear the laughter of the family.

your own nest is warmer than anyone else's.

not worth more than

when you are young, you often think that if you have money, you have everything. when you reach middle age, you should understand that if you do not know how to be contented, you will not be happy with more money.

money can't buy feelings, health, or time.

if you want to live a happy life, you must fill it with contentment. Money, as long as enough, contented rich, a little rich is happiness.

Confucius said: forty but not confused, fifty and know destiny.

years shed the childishness and ignorance of our youth, and add some calm and indifference after experience.

in middle age, he will not be confused and live a more transparent and clear life. Know how to live your own happiness and not live for others.

the rest of your life is expensive. Love yourself, live your life, and enjoy life.