Xiamen 35-year-old husband and wife diagnosed COVID-19, after the whereabouts of her husband was exposed, mothers all over the network envied and cried.

/October 2023

Zhen Da Zhen Lang

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not long ago, a mother in Xiamen became popular.

mothers lamented that she married the right person. But on second thought, this is the life that mothers should have.

mothers should also have their own hobbies and realize the value of life besides family and work;

mothers should also have their own time to do what they want to do, painting, yoga, running.

We have all heard the saying "poor children, rich daughters", but in fact, the most important thing for a family to raise is a wife.

because the mother is the child's role model, the mother's positive attitude towards life can affect the child's life.

because the mother is the barometer of the family, the mother is happy, the family atmosphere can be relaxed and comfortable.

as Hong Lan, Doctor of Psychology, said:

Mother is the soul of a family, the mother is anxious, the whole family is anxious; the mother is happy, the whole family is happy.

raising a mother is the best feng shui for a family.

raise a wife,

is to raise a rich child

A father once asked Professor Medina, a famous American brain neuroscientist, for advice: "Professor, tell me, how can I help my son be admitted to Harvard University?"

Medina replied, "from now on, you go home and love your wife."

everyone was puzzled, and Professor Medina explained:

"in the United States, the best predictor of academic achievement is family emotional stability. Most of the emotional stability of the family can be predicted by the wife's mood. "

A mother who is infiltrated by her father's love will treat her child in the same way. When a child makes mistakes, she will be generous and patient; she will never be stingy with praise for her children's progress, and the whole family will be happy.

there is a mother around her. Once her son does not get into the top ten in the exam, she will yell, "you are just like your useless father!"

once on Mother's Day, her son made a gift for her with his own hands. Not only was she unhappy, she complained in her moments: "the son is better than his father."

there is a psychological concept called "kicking cat effect":

it's about that the husband gets angry in the company and starts picking on his wife when he comes home. The wife vented her anger on the child. After the child was scolded by his mother, he gave the kitten by the roadside a good kick. The kitten was frightened and ran into the street, only to be killed by a speeding car.

in the "cat kick effect", bad emotions are transmitted from strong to weak, and the pain is finally borne by the weakest.

however, reality is far crueler than theory. In theory, kittens are doormat; in reality, children are the trash can of bad mood.

in the CCTV documentary Mirror, there is a 14-year-old named Zeqing.

he was born in a high-knowledge family. His grandparents are retired teachers, his mother is a doctor, and his father works in an institution.

Keze Qing has become a gangster. He dropped out of school at home and indulged in online games. If his mother nagged him, he would punch and kick, say rude words, call his mother "too cheap", and hit his mother with a stool.

talking about the reasons for his depravity, Zeqing said: "because my mother is very grumpy, harsh, and domestic violence."

then why did mom become like this?

Zeqing described the relationship between parents: "when my father and my mother disagree, they will use violence."

Sukhomlinski once said to dads: if you want to educate your children, you must first really love your wife.

because the way fathers treat their mothers is the way mothers treat their children.

in other words, to raise a wife is to raise children.

the key to what the child will become in the future lies in what the father does now.

raise a wife,

is a well-off family

if the mother's mood will affect the child's future.

then the mother's situation can affect the fate of a family.

A rich woman can make the old man happy in his old age and make her husband's career higher and higher. Because when the mother is immersed in enough love, she will not care about trifles and lose the big because of the small.

they can deal with all challenges calmly and make correct judgments. They are not the husband's good wife, but the female soldiers who fight for the family together with her husband.

therefore, a wise husband enriches his wife, and a stupid husband squeezes his wife.

think of a topic on Weibo: "what's the experience of catching up with the one you like?"

I thought the topic would be full of dog food, but I saw this scene:

husbands leisurely take pictures of their wives doing housework, not only inconsiderateThank you, but also said triumphantly: "in order to chase you, how many flowers?" Now it's time to do my laundry, give birth to two treasures and be a free babysitter. "

"at first, I chased you for four years before I was willing to marry me, but now I am still cooking and washing clothes for me."

without exception, the wife's brow is frowned and the family environment is messy. At that time, they had a vast world, but now they are trapped in their families with no place to fight.

as for such a narrow-minded husband, it is conceivable how successful he can be in the workplace.

A family whose wife is not respected and her husband is arrogant must be in decline.

Guo Degang, who also "caught up with the school beauty", always insisted on putting his wife Wang Hui first.

at a performance, Guo Degang fell in love with the beautiful and talented Wang Hui at first sight. At that time, he had just started his business and was very poor, but he would still use the remaining 100 yuan to treat Wang Hui to a feast.

as his career gradually improved, Guo Degang was very busy, but once, when he learned that Wang Hui was not feeling well, he felt Zhengzhou from Tianjin all night and appeared beside her at five o'clock in the morning.

Wang Hui, who was moved by Guo Degang, became his strongest backing. He not only took over the logistics and management work of Deyun Society, but also traveled everywhere to raise money for the performance.

husband and wife work together to make Deyun Society prosperous.

now, when asked about his feelings for his wife, Guo Degang replied solemnly: "anyway, without her all these years, Deyun Society would not have achieved what it is today."

Marriage is not "finding a babysitter", but finding a comrade-in-arms who goes hand in hand.

every mother has the sincerity to pay for her family, and the difference lies in whether they are valued and respected.

therefore, to raise a wife is to raise a rich family.

raise a wife,

is the husband's mission

2020 Public Mental Health Insight report shows that

mothers' negative emotions mainly come from "feeling unhappy because of the behavior of their family or spouse", which is as high as 75.73%.

behind every father who is quiet and good for years, there is a mother who carries a heavy load.

and every mother who carries a heavy load hides a belly full of grievances and sadness.

so, how can a father enrich his mother?

be considerate of your wife's difficulties

how many couples have turned their marriage into a "miserable meeting"?

Mother sajiao said, "I'm so tired to cook a meal."

Dad retorted, "what's so tiring about cooking?" Can you try to work overtime every day? "

the mother complained, "it's not easy to coax the child."... "

the father retorted, "as long as you coax the child, I still have to see the leader's face."

No one is willing to give way to each other, and the atmosphere between husband and wife is becoming more and more tense and indifferent.

but the prerequisite for affluence is to be considerate of each other's difficulties.

only when my father knows where my mother is usually tired, can he be considerate and take care of her.

complaining alienates each other, and understanding can shorten the distance between husband and wife.

take responsibility

in this Tokyo Olympic Games, Guo Jingjing was invited by the organizers to be a diving judge.

even if she was looking forward to coming back to work, she didn't agree immediately, but hesitated for a long time: "what about the epidemic in foreign countries?" What about the three children? "

Huo Qigang dispelled her worries step by step.

1. I have prepared a whole box of disinfection supplies for my wife, just for hand sanitizer.

2. Promise that you will take care of your three children and report on time.

as a result, Huo Qi has just started the crazy baby-basking mode these days.

take the children to McDonald's and bask in the sun;

watch the Olympic Games with your children and bask in the sun;

of course, there is also an indispensable part of showing love. As soon as Guo Jingjing entered the camera, he wanted to announce to the world: "look, this is my wife!"

the wife is responsible for competing in the Olympic Games and pursuing dreams; the husband is responsible for making money to support the family and taking the baby to coax the baby.

No wonder Guo Jingjing, who has given birth to three children, is not tired at all. She is still in high spirits and is becoming more and more beautiful.

A mother can tell by her face whether she is doing well or not.

the mother who is "well-nourished" has light in her eyes and rising corners of her mouth.

the mother who was "raised in poverty" was bleak in her eyes and could not help sighing.

dote on his wife

after many couples have children, they forget to live the life of husband and wife. In fact, after the wife became a mother, she was still a girl. In the life of chicken feathers, she occasionally wanted to be spoiled by her husband.

when reviewing "Juvenile Shuo", I was moved by a couple.

after more than ten years of marriage, his daughter he Zhengying is in junior high school, but their relationship is still passionately in love.

every time I go on a business trip, my father will carefully choose a small gift for my mother.

the wedding anniversary is even more ostentatious, sprinkling roses all the way from the door of the community to the door of the house, and then the moment my mother opened the door, my father said affectionately, "Honey, I love you."

however, the daughter thinks it is not good enough. Although my father has done a lot, he can keep up his efforts to let my mother experience the happy life of cosmetology after waking up naturally.

Dad immediately promised: "I promise you to share more housework in the future.""

to one side, the mother raised the corners of her mouth and could not hide her smile. A family of three is happy.

raising a wife is actually very simple. It doesn't cost a lot of money, just a heart.

feel happy for your wife when she is happy; share your sorrows for her when she is in distress.

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accept her little temper and fulfill her little wishes.

the most important thing is to recognize her efforts and fight with her.

if you give her your heart, she will give you a warm home.

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